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Wood Floor Repairs and Sealing

If you want the natural colour of your floor to be the finished look we would recommend using either clear varnish/ lacquer or hard wax oil, both do the same thing but with slightly different outcomes. The varnish gives you a vibrant maintenance free finish only requiring cleaning. We apply 3 coats of Dulux Diamond Glaze or Bona Mega, Traffic or Naturale in this option. Using the hard wax oils you get a greater depth of colour with the added ideal of using a natural product, 2 coats are applied and maintenance will be required every 1-5 years dependent on which area of the home it was used.

If a specific colour is required we can achieve this by using tinted varnishes, tinted wax oils or solvent based stains. All of which offer a great range colour from which to choose.

It is not uncommon to find pine floor boards damaged by woodworm, dry rot or previous work taking place beneath them such as plumbing, electrics, etc. Fear not! These unsightly issues can be resolved by neatly cutting out the affected boards and replacing with new ones which are then blinded in for colour to blend in with the original boards.
We can also repair/remove damaged tongue and grooved hardwood plank or parquet blocks in situ using time served skills and practices.

Gap Filling
If you have pine floor boards which are square shouldered not tongue and grooved we can fill the draughty gaps between each board by using wood fillets which are glued into place, any excess removed and continue the sanding process leaving you with an all pine floor without the draughty gaps.
Where parquet is concerned by using saw dust from the sanding process and mixing it with a specific type of glue we trowel this mix across the entire floor to ensure that each gap between each block gets filled.


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