After Care

After Care & Maintenance Guide


Ok, so you have had us round to either restore your existing wood floors or to install your lovely new floor. Now that it looks amazing let’s try and keep it that way! If you follows these steps your floor will look great for a long, long time.


After allowing 2-3 days before moving furniture back (to allow the finish to harden & cure) you should fit felt pads to the bottoms of chair legs/table legs/settee legs etc. where castor wheels are present use castor cups. By doing this you will avoid denting or creasing your new floors. ALWAYS lift and place furniture back NOT dragging as it will damage the floor without doubt!


This is of the utmost importance. Where doorways leading from the outside lead directly onto your newly refinished floor you MUST have a Mat of some description in place! Why? Without realising it when you walk in you will be almost certainly be carrying small dirt/sand/grit particles (more so when wet) into your home. Over time this has an abrasive effect on your new floors therefore wearing down the finish slowly but surely & limiting its life span.


Avoid using all-purpose cleaners as they will dull the floors appearance. All supermarkets sell cleaning solutions for real wood floors so just check the label first. Clean, cold water, spray applied forming a fine mist over your floor then in the direction of the grain mopped using a micro-fibre T-bar mop (3”x12” flat plate mop) will work wonders also. Just make sure that no puddles are left anywhere as that will damage the floor.

If spillages occur of any liquid types make sure it’s cleaned up swiftly as this can soak in between the boards and stain the floor.