Wood Floor Installations

Wood Floor Installations

We provide a professional installation only service for people who  have bought their own wood flooring , perhaps you had the intention of fitting it yourselves only to realise you don’t have the time, the knowhow or simply would rather be doing something else more enjoyable.

Maybe you planned to have it professionally fitted by people like us? Whatever the case maybe we can take care of this for you.

No matter what type of installation you need we are skilled and professional in doing so.

We offer the following services:

  • Bonding to concrete or chipboard subfloors
  • Secret nailing to existing wooden floors or battens
  • Lay floating floors
  • Apply liquid primer/damp proof coatings
  • Self levelling
  • New skirting board fitment
  • Door trimming
  • Custom thresholds & frame work
  • Beading or Scotia fitment
  • Coir mat fitment


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Wood Floor Installations

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